‘If I see one more #$%@ boring presentation from a company, I swear I’ll throw them down the lift well’

This is a real quote from an ASX200 CEO.master-levelpresentation

At Salient we see hundreds of presentations that sound like boring documentaries and disengage audiences. We hate waffle, fluff and PowerPoint.You have probably done a presentation skills course or had presentation coaching at some point in your career and you learned the basics about organising ideas, using eye contact, avoiding bad body language and even using PowerPoint.

So, why do audiences still turn off and reach for their smartphones instead of being enthralled by your presentations?

It’s about the emotional connection to the audience, not a dissertation about your company or widget and how its 400,000 mega-twizzles is the fastest on the market.

Salient can take you from being a competent presenter to being a master.

We provide all the elite tools, skills and methods to help you:

  1. Persuade and Differentiate in credentials presentations
  2. Win the business in the final shortlist presentation
  3. Engage large audiences such as leadership presentations, roadshows, conferences and product launches
  4. Become a keynote speaker in your industry

This is not for the faint-hearted who just want to ‘brush up’ on a few skills.

Salient is about taking you to being a master level presenter– fast

“Elliot is the master presentation coach, when you really need a result”

Lauren Burns OAM
Olympic Gold Medallist
Tae Kwon Do, Sydney 2000
Corporate Speaker

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