In your career, you will probably have explored all manner of sales blogs, training courses, coaching sessions, boring mission statement meetings, tiring value proposition round tables and group Kumbaya conferences.

You may even have been sober for some of them.

This book is designed for people who want fresh, creative ideas to persuade corporate clients to choose their company rather than that idiot up the road.

It’s also for people who are focused on what it takes to seriously win as opposed to taking themselves too seriously.
‘Confessions of a Pitch Consultant’ is comprised of the most talked about articles I’ve published on my blog plus a few new, exclusive ones.

So, if you are a Sales Manager, Sales Director, BDM, Account Manager, Relationship Manager, Pre- Sales Guru, Technical Sales Specialist, Solution Architect, Head of Sales, Superintendent of Customer Experience, then you have a lovely title.

You might also enjoy the approaches in this book that have helped people win the unwinnable, keep their jobs, grow their careers, pay their mortgages and still have time to see their family because they don’t have to worry about achieving their budget.

To my clients, thank you for the hundreds of heart-warming testimonials you have kindly left for these articles. I never actually thought they would have real impact on bottom line results until I received this from a seasoned corporate salesperson:

‘I got more RELEVANT advice within that one article than in any other formal sales training I have sat through via four global organisations over 15 years’

These are my confessions from consulting on thousands of sales engagements and pitches.