Millions have been watching a reality show sweeping the nation involving people openly displaying their weird and wonderful behaviour. It’s called the Sales | Client hook-up.

They are supposed to meet very briefly to determine if they are a match for each other and the anxiety is palpable, giving way to a string of insecure behaviours.

Some sales people come on too strong, lack empathy and basically won’t shut up due to their fear of rejection.

Some clients, having experienced some previous relationships that were absolute shockers, are deeply worried that this new, seemingly attractive mate might turn out to be just another crap artist.

The sales person is equally concerned that the Client, weighed down by emotional baggage, will either not move from their past love or will prove to be unfaithful.

They’re also worried that they will only be used for sex, to make the Client’s current lover jealous and pay more attention to them with no real hope of them ever leaving.

Clients use words like Partnership, Reliability and Tender, but sales people often feel there’s nothing tender in their liaisons at all. In fact, it often feels brutal.

So these two people, thrown together by chance or a LinkedIn connection, try desperately to join as one, seeking harmony, togetherness and a three year contract.

Inevitably, breakdowns occur very quickly. Sales discover Clients have been in the spa with multiple would-be suitors and feel aggrieved. Clients feel that Sales don’t really ‘get what turns me on’ and are very easily irritated by the smallest of faux pas.

Are they always made for each other? Often not.

Do they yearn though, for a connection deeper than that of an upper lip and Botox?


Stay tuned for the next episode when I share the loving story of the Errals, one of the happy couples who have just given birth to their first child: Riff Erral.

He’s such an easy child.

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