At last count there were over 327,000 Google responses to Leadership. Much has been writtenleadership funny about principles, theories, practices, styles and behaviours.

At Salient we believe Leadership is about You.

You didn’t just land in a leadership position from the Planet Zog. You came from a myriad places – tertiary educated or self made after leaving school in Year 10, sold your backside off or were dux and captain of the Netball team. Perhaps you rose to your own level of incompetence because you ‘played the game well’ or maybe just worked ridiculous hours away from your family to get there.

Somewhere along the way some clown put you through Leadership 101, which suggested you had avoidance or control issues or were too collegiate or demanding. So what?

At Salient we look at the real you and the real role you’re in and the real people you lead and help you become the leader you and your people want you to be.

We’ve worked with ASX200 CEOs, Sales Directors, CFOs, Not for Profit Gurus, Technology Leads, Pre-Sales Managers and all manner of roles in between.

Our no-nonsense, no holds barred practical advice built on over 25 years experience including Salient founder Elliot Epstein’s own leadership experience in the ICT and multinational consulting industry means you will not be pigeon holed.

You’ll simply become successful and get people to walk over hot coals for you.

“Elliot is one of those people who is truly able to bring deep experience to the table.

He is now a person I use regularly as a personal sounding board because he has an innate ability to hone in on the real issues which then focuses you on the solutions you may not have considered initially.”

Ron Gauci, CEO, Melbourne Storm (NRL)

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