Why work so hard to win business and then concede margin?

How many requests have you seen this month for ‘special provenapproachpricing’ or because it’s ‘strategic’. Seriously, if you’re concerned about margin erosion learn how to break the discounting habit and sell value……yes, even in Me-Too markets!

New competitors and new business models are a major concern for most businesses.

What you used to sell for 50k might be available elsewhere for $20k and if your sales people and managers lack the ability to overcome downward price pressure their knee-jerk reaction is to go to the ‘special pricing’ bucket. Even Pavlov’s Dog would be embarrassed.

There are two key areas that need to be negotiated professionally:

1. Contract stage – Surprise, surprise – the client wants more for less and you want to win the account and not lose your pants or quality control in the process.

2. You win the business and then have to deliver on scope, variations, timelines, which are all too readily given away to alleviate the tension whilst competing to secure business. Then, when the dust settles, everyone is running around like lunatics trying to deliver on fewer resources and tighter deadlines.

All of this can be avoided with Salient Negotiation Skills Training or Negotiation Consulting, designed to maximize your margin and simultaneously improve your client relationships

Learning how to sell and negotiate real value to protect and enhance your margins is critical. Elliot’s sales coaching and negotiation strategies challenge your team’s existing behaviours and helps them to win the right business at the right margin.

‘Following the application of the Salient Communication Negotiation training in one account we didn’t have to negotiate on any of our fees and we had the order the following week’

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