Sales versus Procurement is a unique book where Australia’s leading procurement coach Paul Rogers and iconic sales guru, Elliot Epstein step into the cage to discuss their respective secrets, tricks and tactics in Negotiation.  The book enables you to understand the other’s position better as these two experts lay out their techniques and dissect them so you can apply them in your world as a sales or procurement professional.

Sales is Elliot Epstein. Elliot is one of Australia’s leading sales speakers, pitch consultants and sales trainers for, sales directors, sales people, BDMs and account managers with over 25 years experience working with clients like HP, Telstra, Computershare, Lend Lease,  and Samsung.

Procurement is Paul Rogers. Paul is a procurement professional with 30 years experience as practitioner, academic and consultant. An acknowledged expert, Paul works internationally, has authored numerous articles and white papers, and regularly speaks at conferences.

If you are in Sales you will learn:

  • How to avoid being commoditised.
  • Why bundle/not unbundle solutions?
  • Why does procurement love benchmarking?
  • What questions help or hinder you in negotiations?
  • How to avoid margin erosion and get rewarded for performance.
  • Why procurement won’t reveal the whole truth about what they really want
  • The power of multiple bids and why
  • How to handle tension and protect your confidence from being eroded
  • How to avoid conceding
  • Why are they so upset about your offer
  • The difference between Trading and Aiding
  • What are spend analytics and why you need to know about them

If you are in Procurement you will learn:

  • Why sales proposals don’t always feature the content that you were expecting.
  • Why a focus on price may drive a different outcome to the one that you want.
  • What to do when the sales team’s Head Office won’t move.
  • What questions help or hinder you in negotiations
  • Why you are best placed evaluating the whole company, not just the team in front of you
  • Why sales people try and go around you despite your rules and requests
  • How to maintain your confidence when dealing with strategic suppliers who have the balance of power
  • The answer to ‘Should you get personal, if it works?’
  • Can you get more after the deal is done?
  • How you can get better terms if you’re prepared to share your plans

So, if you’re ready to improve the results you want from Procurement or Sales, get the popcorn out, take a ringside seat.

‘Let’s get ready to rumble’.

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Trailer #1 – Introduction

Trailer #2 – Cherry Picking

Trailer #3 – The B Team

Trailer #4 – Beating the F out of BAFO

Trailer #5 – Procurement Behaving Badly

Trailer #6 – The Perils of Email Negotiation

Trailer #7 – First Among Equals

Trailer #8 – Secret List


“Paul is an extraordinary procurement consultant. His procurement knowledge is scarily extensive.”
Phil Weir
Senior Procurement Professional

“Paul is a passionate thought provoking leader for the procurement profession.”
Stephen Rowe
Chief Procurement Officer

“I highly recommend Elliot to any organisation looking to improve sales performance and results.”
Sean O’Halloran
CEO, Axicom

“From one chapter of Sales v Procurement around Unbundling Solutions we retained over $12,000 margin in a single deal.”
Chris Palmer
Director, IT Industry

“Excellent …we purchased for the whole sales team.”

“Sceptics will become believers, Elliot Epstein delivers positive results.”
David Smorgon, OAM