“I hate seeing people lose business, clients, staff, channel partners or boards when they
simply don’t have to…”  Elliot Epstein


Salient Communication is founded by Elliot Epstein, an iconic Australian sales expert and leadership mentor who hates seeing people lose when they don’t have to. Elliot likes nothing better than coaching sales people, watching them grow and getting the phone call saying ‘we’re going ahead with you!’


“What gets me up in the morning is the opportunity to take business people who are already good at what they do – and help them maximise their potential, overcome barriers and improve their overall performance so they can win more business, improve bottom line profitability, earn more money and spend more time with their families”

As an authority in coaching sales people and leaders, we apply over 25 years of experience in business, sales and corporate consulting to over 4000 CEO’s, senior executives and sales teams throughout Australasia and Asia.  Clients include Forbes 100, ASX 100 companies, BRW Fast 100 companies and award winning  SME’s, all who use Elliot’s Salient Approach to get real world results and immediate ROI.

Challenging the ‘cruise control’ thinking and old fashioned prescriptive methodologies of sales executives and leadership teams, Salient sales, presentation, negotiation, leadership programs, workshops and coaching are often confronting and always compelling. We’re not fluffy, and we won’t ask you to hold hands and sing ‘Kumbaya’.

Instead, with fresh and often provocative material that’s infused with humor, directness and fresh ideas, we offer a startling new perspectiveon your sales and leadership behaviour, with critical insights and proven strategies to tackle your toughest business development challenges.

Winning More Business

In short, we are renowned for giving people a wake-up call that changes the way they think about business communication. Sales people become more confident, better at understanding the psychology of clients and able to win more sales at higher margins with less competition.

Leaders learn how to get people to ‘walk over hot coals’ for them’

If you want behavioural change in your team, not material that is ‘feel good’ and then forgotten, and you want it rapidly, then you’re ready for Elliot’s Salient Approach.

‘Sceptics will become believers – Elliot Epstein actually delivers positive results’

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