‘So you’re sitting in front of a senior decision maker with a cup of coffee…now what…?’

In the proven Salient Executive Level Selling Program you will learn how to win business at senior levels:

  • How to have a peer to peer discussion and prepare for a business conversation with a senior decision maker
  • How to recognize, analyse and handle the deeper emotional and political drivers of targeted senior decision makers
  • Demonstrable tools to use to build trusted advisor status with these clients
  • How traditional Sales Training Courses and Sales 101 behaviour will harm your relationship, not further it
  • How to find and use  the right language to persuade, convince and differentiate in the face of rigorous competition or indifference from clients
  • How to prepare for business questions, not just technical questions
  • How to use Whiteboard Selling in meetings to clearly articulate the outcomes of your ideas and engage senior decision makers
  • Advanced Rapport building with senior executives
  • Advanced Probing and Listening skills
  • Confidence in approaching new clients with new value propositions
  • Tapping into Salient’s 10 years of research from C Level clients as to ‘what turns them on’ and ‘how to meet them in the first place’
  • New ways to reposition your value of the total offering to differentiate
  • How to uncover 2 -3 times the revenue opportunities you thought were there when you were waiting for the lift to arrive
  • Ways to relate and communicate with non-savvy decision makers and key influencers in order to secure greater advocacy and ownership of the business.
Executive Level Sales

“I highly recommend Elliot to any organisation looking to improve sales performance and results”

Sean O’Halloran, CEO

Alcatel-Lucent, Australia/NZ

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