When it comes to the critical moment, will you win or lose the deal?

It’s one of the biggest deals of the year – a major account contract highstakespitchconsultingrenewal, a new client, a tender document big enough to cause concern over deforestation – and it’s on your desk.

After you take a deep breath and tell your spouse you won’t be seeing them much for a while, how do you give yourself an unfair advantage in winning this thing?

Answer: Win The Pitch With The Salient Approach

As a Pitch Consultant, Elliot has worked on some of the biggest pitches in Australasia, two of which were in excess of $1.4 billion dollars.

 “We challenge the hell out of the strategy, prepare you for senior decision-maker meetings, devise the killer themes and ‘why you should win’ messages, coach the presentation and the final negotiation so you still have your pants on when you win.”

Elliot guides, advises, coaches, cajoles, challenges and shares the benefit of his experience, which includes a 78% hit rate over 10 years,all to help you win.

If you have a high stakes deal that simply MUST be won, we will work with you and demonstrate:

  • How to validate your credentials and create value to the critical decision makers
  • How to differentiate your solution
  • How to use emotional storytelling to create desire
  • How to definitively link your solution to their problem
  • How to be consummately persuasive in the final presentation
  • How  to unleash creativity including ‘pitch themes’ to win
  • Fresh ideas and insights that only  external, expert advice can deliver

When the pressure is on and the stakes are high, performance can suffer. Whether it’s a 5, 50, 500 million dollar deal or a must-win strategic retention, ensure your key people don’t lose valuable opportunities.

“In a highly competitive environment, Salient undoubtedly helped us win some of our most significant bids”


Give yourself the ultimate competitive advantage and increase your win ratio. Contact us now to discuss how best to win your nextpitch.

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