Traditional sales skills and approaches will not only fail with senior decision makers – they will cause you harm in the rest of that business.

If you’re stuck selling and presenting to middle management,selling-to-clevel
learn how to penetrate, sell, present and negotiate at C Level with advanced sales coaching from

Securing meetings and succeeding with C Level executives (CFO, CIO, CEO) and understanding the complexity of a C Level conversation is a challenge for many sales executives

You probably have sales people that hover between 80% and 101% of target, selling primarily to mid-level decision makers such as IT managers, procurement, operations and HR.

The real opportunity to double and triple revenue sits in the C-Suite. They have the authority and the money to break barriers such as panel contracts, budget restrictions and timing.

Many sales people struggle with seeing themselves as a peer of CxOs and become disheartened when their traditional sales skills don’t engage senior decision-makers. They often then use avoidance as their main strategy not to sell at higher levels.

The result? Huge revenues left on the table.

Salient removes this barrier giving BDMs, Account Managers and Sales Managers the skills and methods to:

  • Engage with the CxO
  • Sell and Present to the CxO
  • Differentiate your company with the CxO

Different skills and behaviours are required to transform a standard sales pitch into a business conversation and the good news is, these behaviours and skills are entirely learnable. Elliot’s sales/presentation coaching and sales training programmes  take you there – fast.
Result: Higher Win/Loss ratios, Greater revenue

“Elliot’s skills in negotiation, persuasion and executive communication training are the best I’ve experienced in over 20 years selling”

Steve Kelly

Sales Director


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