Firstly, if you can avoid it  and go directly to key decision makers procurementwho actually own the business result –do it, or we can show you how!

However, Sales teams today are increasingly faced with selling to Procurement but they don’t have the knowledge to determine the difference between a category manager, strategic sourcing, a price buyer or someone who understands value.

Navigating through Procurement with their price lists, often irrational fears, defensive and diplomatic language can be a minefield.

Sales people must learn procurement’s environment, strategies and tactics and how to de-emphasise price as the dominant force in the sale and communicate value into your offering.

Salient sales training helps them do just that.

Elliot’s has an excellent understanding of the procurement mindset having spent over 5 years personally consulting with the Procurement Industry including assignments with procurement’s peak body , CIPSA (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) as well as leading Procurement Consultancies, PMMS and The Faculty.

He has also worked extensively with Australia’s leading procurement coach, Paul Rogers to help sellers navigate the difference between what Paul calls ‘Peter Price’ and ‘Valerie Value’

If you sell to procurement and want to win and keep your pants on afterwards, contact us:

‘Following the application of the Salient Communication training in one account we didn’t have to negotiate on any of our fees and we had the order from Procurement the following week’

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