After three months of meetings, site visits, proposals, pricing schedules and technical solution verifications, John from BigTech and later, Jane from LargeTech were delivering their final presentations to the client.

Unfortunately, due to a technical hitch, we only captured the audio of the client speaking in John’s presentation.

‘Nice to see you too…sure, happy for you to load your presentation….only 65 slides, well that’s a couple less than our initial meeting, ha ha!’

‘Yes, happy to have Q&A at the end of the presentation.’

‘I didn’t know you had an office in Dubai – we’re not there currently but you never know – I’ve heard the shopping is amazing.’

‘So, just to be clear, that’s the same roadmap you gave us in the technical workshop, right?’

‘Yes, it is a bit hard to read but that’s fine, we read the response in the tender, so that complies’.

‘Now, that pricing model has an extra four options compared with your original response. Are you saying it’s now both extra and recommended to deliver the full solution?’

‘Nice video – how much did you pay your clients to say such nice things, ha ha.’

‘Oh, I thought it was primarily you today, John. I didn’t realise Chris was going to take us through the technical overview again. By the way, didn’t you say your Managing Director was coming – Interstate? Oh…OK.’

‘Synergies? What exactly do you mean?’

‘I’m not sure we’re concentrating on Phases 2, 3 and 4 just yet. The current scope is really just for Phase 1.’

‘Murphy’s Law, eh? Would you like a few minutes to plug back in and reboot?’

‘Don’t worry about it, John, I think we’ve got the gist. Let’s move to full Q&A.’

Two hours later – Jane’s Presentation

Unfortunately, due to a technical hitch, we only captured the audio of Jane speaking.

‘Good to see you too…Well, after three months of us working together, I think it’s fair to say we wouldn’t be here if you didn’t think we were more than capable of executing on Phase 1. Our view, as you know from GreatClient having gone to tender and chosen us to do very similar work, is that we are demonstrably best fit for you because we know it’s guaranteed to do exactly what you want in the budget that you set.’

Let me re-introduce you to our MD and you know Kris, our global technical guru who worked with GreatClient and will be sharing his experience with you on this project.’

‘We have 90 minutes allocated, I think’

‘What would you most like to know?’

Elliot Epstein is a leading Pitch Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Sales, Negotiation and Presentation trainer who gets sales results rapidly. He has coached and trained high profile corporates globally in presenting, selling, negotiating and pitching. He has spoken at over 1500 conferences and workshops for leading companies such as HP, SEEK, Avaya, Hitachi , Asciano, Samsung and Lend Lease.

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