The Voice has captured huge audiences across Australia and globally unearthing talent and giving people their chance to shine and be coached by artists Seal, Joel, Delta and Ricky.

Here at Salient we thought you could have your own company version only instead of songs you give your sales team the chance to present a persuasive case without PowerPoint in 3 minutes.

Here’s how it would work.

You’re all in the board room, filled with half empty lattes. There are four chairs turned around for the blind auditions in which four managers sit. Ideally they would be from different parts of the business just as Joel is a tad different to Delta ie Finance, Sales, Operations, Marketing.

(You can add props eg toothpick, yellow nail polish, Spanish accent, but that’s optional)

Each member of the team has 3 minutes to walk in and present with no visual aids to persuade the audience why the company/product/service solution is best fit for a particular client or market.

Same rules as The Voice. If a manager likes it s/he turns around. They compete. If they don’t, they discuss why.

You can build this over a few weeks, select teams and then for the finals, invite other staff members to vote. You could even invite really good clients.

At the end, the sales team has had a lot of fun, learned from others, been coached by another manager and you’ve got a host of persuasive new messages that can be distilled into everyone’s real life presentations.

Go on, get that toothpick, red hair spray and ‘I WANT YOU’ sticker out now.

Written by Elliot Epstein, CEO, Salient Communication

Elliot has trained and coached over 3000 people throughout the Asia Pacific Region and is a sought after keynote speaker on Sales, Negotiation, Leadership and Presentations.


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